Why you have come to the right place at Nextar:

  • Experience and expertise

Our team has knowledge on all fronts of organising tours. With two decades of experience, we can confidently anticipate challenges and provide tailor-made, smooth solutions.

  • Multilingual skills

In the diverse and international music world, language is a bridge, not a barrier. With multilingual skills within our team, we can communicate seamlessly with diverse stakeholders, from local promoters to technical staff and artistic management.

  • Extensive network

Our network is our strength. Over the years, we have built strong relationships in the music industry. This enables us to have access to first-class facilities and the best professionals for every tour.

  • Targeted Results

At Nextar, we are all about achieving your goals and dreams. We work closely with artists and their teams to develop a clear strategy that not only delivers impressive performances, but also reinforces brand identity and engages audiences. Not as many shows as possible, but as many right shows as possible.

  • Flexibility and Innovation

In an ever-evolving industry, we embrace flexibility and innovation. We are open to new ideas and technologies that take the concert experience to the next level.

Creating extraordinary experiences together

At Nextar, our mission is not just to organise concert tours, but to work with the artist to create extraordinary experiences that stay with them for a long time. We work together to bring a vision to life and create unforgettable moments for both artists and audiences. Contact us today and find out how the dedicated Nextar team can make your next concert tour a success.


Book artists

At Nextar Artists, you can quickly and easily book your favourite artist, DJ or band at the most advantageous price.


Optimising and organising the business side of a career in the music industry.


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