Concerten artiesten, bands en dj’s

Nextar positions itself as a concert promotor in the Belgian market to boost the carreer of certain artists, bands and dj's. Apart from the power of big promotors filling stadiums and big festivals, Nextar concentrates on local concert-circuits with live tours. An acoustic set with Kate Ryan, an astonishing show with Natalia, a mini-festival with various artists or a club Cookies And Cream in a private club?

Welcome to Nextar, your concert promotor!

With our years of expertise and an enhanced knowledge in the music industry we organise live concerts and private shows as a promotion for our artists and on request for national and international artists, bands and dj's. We arrange a suited location, the full technical setup, the public recruitment, the media- and promotional campaign, the ticketing up to and including the security at the parking lot.

What can you call Nextar for?

Nextar puts artists, bands and DJ's under the spotlight!

Nextar organises concerts and live performances with the needed knowhow en de right entourage. Our artists, bands and dj's can count on our enthusiastic Nextar-team in combination with a strong technical support and out-of-the-box promotional campaigns.


Book national and international artists, bands & dj’s.


Rent audio, lights, video, decors and special effects.

Concerts & Events

Live concerts & performances to promote our artists.