BROS BROS - No More ft. Jon The Gold / You Like Me

Summer is just around the corner and whether the sky is still pouring rain or clear and blue where you live, you can count on Bros Bros to raise the temperature with his singleNo More, out on May 28, 2019!In need of “sea, sex and sun”? The Belgian producer has indeed got you covered with a new release that will give your mind and body a sweet escape before the holidays. Following his two rap collaborations, he’s now stamping house music with his r&b-flavored bounce beats on the solarNo More. Dripping with sensual vocals courtesy of the funky newcomer Jon The Gold, the playful banger is set to become the soundtrack of your next summer fling."Throughout your life, you change as a person and so do your views on certain things. No More is about these different phases: it’s the reflection of someone who went through serious relationships and decided, for now, to continue their life without", Bros Bros explains. The fun doesn’t stop here: the single comes with the complementary instrumental trackYou Like Me, inspired by the doubt that sometimes put you in limbo between love and friendship. 


No More/You Like Meis the third duo-release of the 32-year-old musician who made it a point to offer his fans new material every month, including one song with a special guest and an instrumental that leaves room for the imagination. A professional bassist and all-rounder, Bros Bros never fails to impress with his energy and positivity, two qualities that exude from his tracks and ultimately seduced Spotify, national radios and multiple international blogs. With DJ sets as well as new collaborations and projects on the horizon, Bros Bros is definitely aiming to bring the heat on the dance-floor for the months to come - and more!




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