Welcome at Nextar, your full-service event coördinator 

Nextar loves to party with you and would be pleased to take over your event management when it comes to technique, music and the full setting around a certain artist, band or dj. We take care of booking the artists directly and garantee a clear price offer. In need of a technical setup? We tick our checklist and garantee everything runs smoothly before, during ánd after your event.

What can you call Nextar for?

A full unburdening for the organizer

Nextar works for private individuals and companies and supports event agencies, wedding planners and booking agencies. A high-quality, transparent and flexible workflow is our absolute top-priority. Withing your budget, amongst a strict timemanagement, but beyond your expectations Nextar lifts your event to a higher level. The result? A full unburdening for the organizer and a special experience for every guest.


Book national and international artists, bands & dj’s.


Rent audio, lights, video, decors and special effects.

Concerts & Events

Live concerts & performances to promote our artists.