Producer Bros Bros is making his big debut on the 12th of March 2019 with his first single Melodie, available on all online platforms.

Blending Future Beats with the classic Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk & Soul he used to listen to on his old school Sony Walkman, Bros Bros guarantees a smooth, creamy urban sound that he playfully describes as “bounce beats”. Very fond of collaborating with rappers to bring some extra energy to his tracks, the Belgian artist invited fellow countryman Darrell Cole (who recently shared a song with Selah Sue) to add his personal touch to the allegorical love song. “Melodie is a metaphoric idea of having this love/hate relationship with music. We used a relationship with a girl to make this passionate feeling seem more familiar and relatable to everyone, explains Bros Bros.Ultimately, love will win these constant battles.” Illustrated with an artwork by Notorious, the single is accompanied with the B-side Champion, allowing the 32-year-old musician to freely and fully express himself on a purely instrumental track. “We spend a lot of time trying to solve our problems on a daily basis. Whether it be at work, in our relationships, with our friends, with various projects... The message behind Champion is that it doesn’t matter how much pressure there is, in the end we always manage to find a way to get it done. This makes us all champions or winners”, he assures.

A real all-rounder, Bros Bros is initially a self-taught bassist who gained experience in his home country and beyond during live performances as a support act for Simply Red, Seal, Kool & The Gang, Pointer Sisters and many more. As his passion grew, so did his interest in the bigger picture: he didn’t solely want to be a part of the song but to overview it in order to surround it with a halo of emotions. Placing his instrument at the center of his universe, Bros Bros started crafting a constellation of songs, all stamped with a signature bouncy bassline. A team player for many years, he’s now ready to skyrocket his career and let his own music leave the walls of his studio for everyone to hear, with exclusive DJ sets that see him spin his own trademark edits and remixes, as well as his original records. Bros Bros will indeed unveil later this year his first album entitled The Journey, retracing his past few years and marking the start of his solo adventure.



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