Chérine starts writing poems in her selfmade stickerbooks at a very young age. Poems become songs, Chérine grows into a songwriter, mostly for other artists like Luka Cruysberghs and the dutch singer Emma Heesters.

As she’s singing her own demo’s she gradually opens up to being a singer herself. She takes a bold chance and is one of the contestants in The Voice of Flanders, after that in The Voice of France as her mother raised her bilingual… “My head thinks in English and Dutch but my heart feels in French.” In the beginning of this year she takes part in The Voice of France again and this is a turning point for her! Spending time in Paris, meeting wonderful musicians spurs her on to persue her own career as an artist as well as writing her own songs. Mainly in french this time, instigated by her manager Hans Francken.

Also in 2022, she is one of the participants in MNM rising star, which she doesn’t win but she definitely makes her mark!

This was all a prelude to her big dream, to one day go to the Eurovision song contest and this is her first step with Eurosong Belgium… fingers crossed! “With my ADHD, I know I’m lots of everything… this is who I am, I guess I’m your Flavour or your Icky, but either way, I’m a (plan to be a) sticker..” Since the 13th of January, you can find both of Chérine’s songs on all the streaming platforms!



Chérine - ça m'ennuie pas (Official Audio)

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